Friulforgia is a privately held company, founded in 2009 by TTN Group.
Thanks to its policy based on modernity, environmental protection, and high quality and safety standards, after just four years of activity Friulforgia has tripled its turnover and number of employees and it is recognized throughout all Europe as an élite company in the open die forging industry.

Our strong points are:
        Delivery time
        Sub-supplier’s selection

Friulforgia’s personnel are highly qualified, with more than 20 years experience in high quality forgings manufacturing.
Quality is guaranteed by our internal laboratory, in which we can perform destructive and non destructive tests, certifying that all production steps are carried out according to all supply technical specifications.

The significant investment made by TTN Group has provided Friulforgia with the latest available equipments and infrastructures for open die forging. This was done in order to verticalize as much as possible the service provided by our Group to its customers: in fact, we can cooperate with customer’s technical departments to define the best steel and mechanical values to be considered for every single project.

Optimizing the production process and the latest technologies of our plants allow us to plan and guarantee accurate delivery times, satisfying excellently our customer’s needs.

It is a primary objective of Friulforgia to select its suppliers according to the high quality standards to be reached in its products.
We are therefore aware that the first milestone to realize an excellent product that satisfies all customer’s requirements is evaluating our suppliers according to:
        Quality of the product and service
        Delivery time
        Technical skills and competence